There are over
One hundred billion
More galaxies than we know about
and astronomers have suggested
The amount may increase as they sift through
Fossils-dust and tumbleweeds
In the after image of exploding nova
That appear on red interstellar transmissions.
Dwarf sosess
radio novas
Barefoot not to trip
Negative light-
blank perspective
Vanishes at azimuths
The chimera
Tango past horizon
flash over
Reckoning of monstrous
Secrets of human life.
The success of replicated cells
Pure Burlesque
referred to as
Cloning with
Micro-biologist claiming a
exponential curdling.
So we’ve become rattly
and feeding on each other
I sang that song and
found that the feasts of vermin
Live somewhere in my heart even now.

gyroscopes continues later