Koresh prog. 2, Dec. 7

KDC’s Negative Spaces, a work expanded from a very rough cut shown at DanceBoom! Festival in 2005 is another very ambitious narrative work in 17 scenes without intermission, does not have the cohesion achieved in ‘Theatre,’ but has many choreographic strengths. Very interesting next to Theater, because it again shows Roni Koresh’s expanded narrative template.
Negative Spaces is the real and imagined life of a ‘bum’ played by the mesmerizing Eric Bean. Not only a brilliant dancer, but a heartbreaking comic actor. His punch-drunk duet with fellow souse Mecah Geyer, may have pratfalls, but also sleek somersaults and capoera moves. When someone Bean him he’s a bum, it cuts deep “I’m not a bum, you don’t know me” Bean brings all the universality to this.