Dora Maar avec le chat

The eyes of Dora bothered Pablo
more than anything else
He forgave her hideously veiny hands
His brushes against the wall coverings and
He had nightmares about her
cyclopean calluses
so he also knew
He had to paint them
and spread them
Out over her body
As soon as the light was right..
He mused that he thought her eyes shallow,
after all that sex
So refused to actually look at them,
Committed to paint her portrait.
Little doubt
She knew of his intimate contempt
And cursed his penis instead of cutting it off
As a humanitarian act.

She got him back though
and sat 3 days for him without moving a muscle
Making him feel like he had to work nonstop
She secretly replaced his
Strega flask with the turpentine can.
And almost broke tantric concentration
when he ran to the bathroom, tripping over his
She exhaled only when the cat swiped her paw at his ass
pulling the strings of his underwear.

But otherwise Dora stayed perfectly still.

Of course Dora, now famed
for her lethal stoicism and fearless ability
To scale and sail.

Her storied crossing across the
Iberian peninsula barefooted was
The subject of modern cave drawings
She rounded Cape Horn in a tin sailboat
During an oceanic earthquake.
She remained unbroken after two-weeks of the 3rd degree
by the KBG
And inched down the Eiffel
Tower undetected the day the Nazis seized Paris
She was in a stare off with
Gertrude Stein
so long that the famous lesbian
spent the rest of her days
Staring at the sun (and ignoring Alice)
trying to relive the experience
( Pablo painted Gertrude
without her knowledge or consent).

Pablo knew cosmically
He must capture Dora for posterity
‘Dora Maar avec le chat’
Ended up at Sotheby’s Auction
In an investor grudge match and a mystery
Bidder called in 95.2 million.
Dora is reported to have
Been pissed about
Bidding second to Pablo’s
‘Garcon a la Pipe’ which sold for 104 million
Two years previously
Actually as far as we know the blue boy didn’t even
Get a new pipe out of the deal,

Picasso reportedly painted him in a rush
Commission after Martha Graham
Threw him out of her dance rehearsal
for giggling.
He was supposed to start a portrait of
Martha in
pencheè arabesque
over Dora’s Cat
but Dora kept pulling out catnip.
When he got back to his studio Dora
had the coffee ready
To distract Pablo from the episode.
They talked about the afternoon
and the Cat kept
Hopping from lap to lap until Picasso got aroused
and told Dora to stop looking at him.
“Two thing bother me about you Pablo, you
Vant to know? No? I tell you anyway. Your face.”