Rossen Milanov knows how to give the old tattered year a send-off with classy orchestral repertoire. Even though the entree Strauss waltz seemed to have a presciently sluggish hangover, The overture to Die Fledermaus couldn’t have been more bubbly. Singing the masquerade ball scene in character were Heidi Stober, soprano and Hugh Russell, baritone. They had such charm and operatic vocalese for the ‘Csardas’ and ‘The Watch Duet’ that you want to hear the whole opretta. Milanov’s always charming intros to the pieces, was again made him a perfect host with a sense of occassion. He kept to muscled punctuation in the waltzes. The pristine vista he essay in ‘The Blue Danube’ was unfortunately marred by a cellphone on cue.