Peter Reynolds, co-director of Mauckingbird Theater, vacuuming the entrance to the Second Stage Theatre at the Adrienne on Friday night and hour before the final dress for his 3rd production here in a year. He took five with his leads for a few comments about their new production of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler- Jennie Eisenhouer who plays the title role and Sarah Sanford is her former paramour Eilert Lovborg.

Here is an excerpt-

Sarah: I feel there is definitely a different kind of illicitness which is sexy and enticing, especially between my character who is very comfortable in her body and comfortable with other womens’ bodies and Hedda’s character. There was discovery for me, finding how I can make advances. The restraint of that time……The text is one thing and under the text is a whole cauldron.

Beautiful words and all of this hidden meaning. Peter has been great guiding us through that.

Ibsen hated the mores of the middle class at that time. It’s so real …and his observations are so acute.

I thought this Hedda was far more intense in a magnificent way. They are all bound up in these clothes and a touch to the cheek…is just electric.