state functions.via Live – 11:46pm – Comment
The Carters were Arthur Murray dancers, the Clintons were pretty rote, but occassionally had romance. The Bushes were horrible, George couldn’t even manage a box step and he would pump Laura’s arm like a chicken wing. Later in his presidency he had dancing torrets and would have spells at state functions to the shock of the world.via Live – 11:44pm – Comment
Past Presidential dancers- The Kennedys were the classiest, the Reagans went through the MGM so they were polished within an inch of their lives, the Nixons weren’t bad, but he was used to being dodgeyvia Live – 11:41pm – Comment
Michelle’s gown would look better aswirl, he needs to lead her out of that prom sway.via Live – 11:38pm – Comment
Barack is ready to break out his dance moves, but only when he feels he’s part of a group, then he will move as well as he does on the basketball court.via Live – 11:34pm – Comment
is watching some really bad dancing, but the music is bad too. The GLBT ball has to have a better dj, but have they been there yet?via Live – 11:32pm – Comment
is wondering how foolish those people who took their money out of banks and bought extra guns feel now when they witness this magnificent display of diversity.via Live – 5:17pm – Comment
is glad that gay America was represented via the music of Aaron Copland.via Live – 1:06pm – Comment
Poems for occassions are always self-conscious and Elizabeth captured beautiful epochal themes, although she could have strengthened with imagery & tonality.via Live – 12:53pm – Comment
A transformational leader already.via Live – 12:08pm – Comment
Emily, yeah I have some fouffy stuff on for this. Wish I was going to the GLBT ball in DC tonight. I have an outfit.via Live – 10:59am – Comment
Wish my late lover Jack was here to see this.via Live – 10:57am – Comment
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