gay politic..tic,,tic

Interesting issues surround Sean Penn’s nomination for best actor for the movie MILK, named for Harvey Milk, the first out gay elected politician in the US. At the same time that FOX News is being outed for omitting the little detail in reporting on the film- “It’s about a politician in the 70s…Sean Penn smiles a lot…..will have a small audience-” in other words belittling the film’s significance because it is about gay America.

Dear FOX NEWS, why not just state you hate, loathe and otherwise don’t cover films about homosexuals, instead of this slimy code.

Meanwhile, Penn is also getting heat from The Advocate for his article in The Nation ‘Conversations With Chávez and Castro.’ Unlike Castro Street, the Castro Bros. now co-dictators have a genocidal record for Cuba’s state policies and treatment of homosexuals since the revolution.

Stay tuned