I always tempt fate and ignore superstitions. I walk under ladders, sometime ride under them, look for black cats and have broken every chain letter I’ve ever been threatened with. And even have brought on the maloights (just guessing at the sp.) at times by both foe and friend. I hate grand omens via religious tyranny, parental control or garden variety irrational logic.

Some may argue that’s why I’m alone and have trouble keeping the lights on, but I would say go whistle in a dressing room.

Speaking of backstages, just the other day, President Barack Obama broke one of the most sacredly held superstitions of the theater- He mentioned Macbeth. And he did it at Ford Theater where Abraham Lincoln was killed. A President who is ready to tempt the lethal theater fates and with a great sense of irony and timing.

Actually, the onstage catastrophes that have befallen productions of what is always referred to in theater circles as ‘The Scottish Play’ are legion.