another lotd-

news item

Dick Cheney was described as “furious” at President Bush for not pardoning Scooter Libby.

let’s see if that exactly describes the emperor’s new clothes

ah, here we are then, furious-

angry, livid, pissed-off, bent out of shape, beside one, boiling mad, corybantic, crazed, demented, desperate, fit to be tied, frantic, frenzied, fuming, hopping mad, incensed, infuriated, insane, irrational, livid, mad, maniac, on the warpath, rabid, raging, steamed, vehement, vicious, violent, wrathful, but mostly ugly on the inside.

That about sums up this Dick. Now he’s mad at his political concubine, I guess those two have finally ended their dysfunctional relationship. Oh, what stories I wish Scooter would tell.