The emotional highlights of the Oscars came during the In Memorium montage when Paul Newman’s image came onscreen. And, of course Heath Ledger’s family accepting his postumous award to be kept in trust for his daughter Matilda. Course, I was already a puddle seeing Cyd Charisse’s balletic carriage opposite Astaire & Kelly.

It was hard not to imagine Harvey Milk smile at Justin Lance Black’s tribute in his acceptance speech winning best original screenplay for Milk. Justin related his personal story of hearing about Milk’s assassination when he was a gay teen from a conservative Mormon background. He told gay and lesbian young people across the country not to listen to their government, church or family who tell them they are less than. Thirty years after his death, Harvey’s message is passed on.

lotd- “Hey gents, what took you so long.”
Hugh Jackman greeting his chorus line at the top of the stairs ala Berkeley during ‘Puttin’ on my top hat’ number.