overheard in the lockeroom at Sweat gym-

two plumbers were working on the inner and outer walls of the shower, trying to line up their pipes for something. I don’t know from plumbing. Anyway, the one on the inside said without a hint of vulgarity.

“I’m in your hole and I still can’t feel a thing.”

the other man said. “Well, try again.”

Reminds me of a Sunday football game long ago with the whole football gay gang trudging over to the Bike Stop in a blizzard for a playoff game. Few sporting events are funnier than a football game in a gay bar. It veers from super macho posing to vulgar camp. Anyway, the lines, like the balls fly. But actually John Madden, the bilious, bloated motormouth sportcaster had the line of the day leaving co-sports anchor Al Michaels speechless.

After a critical sack that had the QB in a scramble Madden shrieked. “What can you do when a big guy like that is coming in your face.”

The guys in the bar weren’t speechless, except for one who laughed so hard he spit out his teeth.