It’s just so perfect that intellectual eunich Ken Starr, the attorney who chased Bill Clinton’s DNA around the White House, would be arguing against the repeal of Prop 8 in front of the California Supreme Court. Currently a professor at Pepperdine, his legal arguments about ‘restoring’ traditional marriage couldn’t be more mincing. I’m sure those from the ‘Family Research Council’ are relieved that the sanctity of straight marriage will be protected from those gay couples who have the affrontary to be in love.

Straight SF mayor Gavin Newsom, who put in place the first writ of s-s couples to be legal in his city, again put himself on the front line politically to fight for GLBT rights. We love this man!

The court signaled that they are going to probably uphold the voice of the people, 52% for the ban on same-sex marriage, 48% against. But, also signaled they will let stand as legal the 18,000 s-s couples who were wed before the vote. So what are they really saying? It strikes as a legal game and certainly upholds institutionalized homophobia. So the antigay agenda folk will probably win this round, I’m sure their marriages are so much more secure now.