Abigail Mentzer (PABdancer), Jeffrey Gribler (former principal PABdancer, current ballet master), me, Phil Colucci(former PABdancer & current med student)

Even a block of empty seats couldn’t dampen the spirit on the Forrest Theatre stage or in the audience as the dancers of the Pennsylvania Ballet. Directing for the second year, Jonathan Stiles, kept it fast moving and sleek. The mood seemed to address the recession with a show featuring minimal production design, great lighting and a choreographic thread of down-sized style and mucho communal spirit.

and then there were Brian Sanders comic interludes for some mondo bizarro.

This time Sanders reaching into the bowels of vaudeville for perhaps the crassest and most hilarious moment in SU&D history providing cosmic comic relief- let’s see how to put it, with his own laughing gas- during a classical pas de deux scored to Bach and titled ‘Air on the G String.’ Then to completely outdo himself hoisting the glorious Abigail Mentzer, supported her with a working third leg aparatus bringing a new meaning to the word en pointe. The man is unhinged, and fortunate for Abigail’s arabesque can still work his erector set.