Director Brenna Geffers may admit to being a research geek, but she doesn’t quite look the part in her tight red-velvet jacket lacey black skirt ensem, but can certainly prove it.

Last fall, Geffers’ tight, stylish production Georg Bruchner’s Wozzeck at the German Society Library as part of EgPo Productions German expressionism series illuminated the work‘s darker chambers, now she is seeing what lurks in Kander and Ebb‘s Cabaret.

The Prince Music Theatre’s cabaret space has been transformed into period tableau of a Weimar era with a 3 stage club. Geffers not only was fluent in each incarnation of Cabaret as a musical and film, she was familiar with all things Isherwood.

Even though she is directing seeming much lighter fare her attention is on the history of the people and their time on the eve of pre-Nazi Berlin. “We’re taking it very period. This architecture that we built are Victorian style theater that may have been redone as the Kit Kat Club in the 20s.

“We approach with a sense of why these characters are so raw. How do you achieve the debauchery without being camp. These character are fighting to survive. So I think in this production they are even darker.”