So distracted in opera world I almost missed the Equality Forum rally in front of Independence Hall yesterday. The steady rain didn’t overshadow those inner rainbows that brought a spectral of diversity within the GLBT&Allies crowd on the Mall.

Primary among them, one of the fathers of the gay movement Frank Kameney who carried signs for ‘homosexual rights’ on the very same spot in the 60s. A few years ago I asked Frank if he was bothered by the apathy of gay Americans who thought all the gay rights battles were over. He said, graciously, he was not. On this day, there was plenty of activism, from gay boomers to kids from HS Gay-Straight alliances.

And those carrying the RepentAmerica ominous signs of Biblical wrath to rein terror on sodomites (love that lexicon, so dramaqueeny)? A little layout work would help, meanwhile, feast on those selected passages.