U.S. Army first lieutenant Dan Choi, Iraq war veteran, Arab linguist and the front man of Knights Out, a group of out West Point graduates, is committed to fighting his dismissal from his reserve unit for coming out.

His mere announcement resulted in being fired for ‘dereliction’ by the Army for harming ‘the good order and discipline’ of the New York Army National Guard. The reality check is that nothing could be further from the truth.

“That’s a big insult to my unit.“ Lieutenant Choi told Rachel Maddox, “so many people came up to me and said…hey sir, we know and we don’t care. What we care about is that you can contribute to the team.“ The real disruption is this destructive policy that actually props up institutionized discrimination and homophobia where it doesn’t exist.

Choi‘s could resign with an honorable discharge, but he plans to fight the dismissal “ tooth and nail.” His words- “Don’t lie, don’t hide, don’t discriminate and don’t weaken the military.”

President Obama has indicated that he will move carefully to repeal DADT, but cases like Choi’s point to ‘a fierce urgency of now.’ It is time for him as Commander in Chief to publicly come out and lead this fight, without equivocation or apology.