The draw for PAB’s 2nd modern program this year ‘Five Tangos’ because who doesn’t like the tango, but as it turns out the couples in Matt Neenan’s premiere ‘Keep’ have more fire and smolder. The music is Borodin and Rimsky Korsokov, supplely played by live chamber orchestra.

Music is the coherent thread of drama and passione in the ballet’s fragmented choreographic lines. Abstractions puntuate, yet Neenan continues to hone choreographic shorthand with skill and invention.

Neenan peeks into intimate scenes, emotions and the abstract signatures for five couples. Duets flare, are framed with odd body angles, odd looks and unexpected configurations. The dancers respond with thrilling performances.

The choreographic palate is given unexpected elegance by Martha Chamberlain’s costumes of fuchsia, blood and burnish yellow twirly dresses on the women and buff burgundy & brown vests on the men. Mysterious and airy ‘Keep‘ just blooms on these dancers.