cough (1947)

What I was doing up
up doing what
I do not now know.
Sean was coughing, I
seem to remember
oh yes, hacking away actually.
He’d been attacked by a boozy
friend owing to his
rabid laughing and coughing
Anyway he re-cracked a rib
(he also complained about vibrations
in the kidney region).

I moved to the couch.

It was still raining
from the downpour last night
outside the theater, more
dramatic than the Brecht inside
Here, now, it is just dreary (Bertold
wins after all)
I could hear it
Splash down on all of the city surfaces
For about 20 minutes I listened to
water falling
without being drowned out by autos.
A rare and remarkable occurance.

drowned out coughing would be too disquieting

5:45, dawn.
Dawn in the city is an event
because it rarely occurs
It is most only rumored to occur
In any case, no one discusses it
within the city limits
outside of French cinema.

Well, oh yes, if I am up
For dawn I must do the sun salutation
Dawn making the body more powerful,
said the Omaymsyrayswatyahnumuha.

I hear,
Sean’s cracked rib reverbarate.

Om, that rain is so poetic
Hari, even the grayness in this
cracked apartment is luminous
Shiva, put your foot down on purity
Krishna, morning erections are transcendant
In concert with these coughs.