The Justice Department filed a brief this week seeking the dismissal of a legal challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act in a federal court in California. Would that be the same DOMA that protects Britney Spears’ 48 hour Vegas wedding and Texas sects that allow multiple wives?

Democratic party head Howard Dean (D-Ver) speaking about the Obama adminstration upholding the DOMA which has language equating same sex marriage to among other things pedophilia, child rape and incest. Dean said such language is not acceptable and something must be done about it now. He told Rachel Maddow that he believes Obama isn’t aware of the language. He also believes that the president is pro gay civil rights and that this presents Obama’s credo of ‘fierce urgency of now.’

“I think this is a bad situation here…but I have no doubt that the Obama administration will do the right thing.” Dean told Rachel.

We’ll see. It is no less than shocking that the Obama administration would allow a court document to be filed in its name that contained such vile characterizations of gay people. Unacceptable and revolting.