CNN will not end their Michael Jackson is dead summer mini-series anytime soon.  On Monday night who would otherwise know that there were wars being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention a dozen other news stories that affect the lives of millions, we needed to hear every speculation regarding Jackson’s death being ruled a homicide.  In a new low after hours of reporting the same pumped up minutia about the star’s drug use, Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill engaged in catty banter about a teen singer who couldn’t lip-sync to her own song at the Miss Universe pageant.   There were the obligatory nymphet jokes which leads to Anderson’s scramble to man his ‘remember, I’m straight switch.’   I digress.  Back to the news.  Truly pathetic.  note to CNN- if you are going to be an entertainment network at least cover Broadway.   Otherwise it’s time for a reverse Howard Beal intervention.