Sen. Ted Kennedy dies after his 15 month battle with brain cancer.

Even gravely ill, Sen. Ted Kennedy made his brain cancer an opportunity to educate and to push himself past a grave diagnosis to work for one of his legislative missions- Health care reform. Many of those voices against HCR are beneficiaries of medicare and medicaid and they have Sen. Kennedy to thank for their entitlement. Yes, many who have hated Kennedy since Chappaquiddick and for his intelligence, acumen and for his fearless liberal stance, have him to thank for their health coverage.

…and Friend of Dorothy

On the Senate floor advocating for GLBT rights and fairness to minorities, Sen. Kennedy was peerless. Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese issued this statement on behalf of gay America-

“The nation has lost its greatest champion and strongest voice for justice, fairness, and compassion…the loss to our community is immeasurable. There was no greater hero for advocates of LGBT equality than Senator Ted Kennedy. From the early days of the AIDS epidemic , to our current struggle for marriage equality he has been our protector, our leader, our friend. He has been the core of the unfinished quest for civil rights in this country and there is now a very painful void. Our hearts go out to the Kennedy family.”