3am in the farthest corner, anxiety fogs the eyes above a skyline of city lights, signs, & satellites            
                                          Assotto Saint, Wishing for Wings
Going down 2nd Ave

With tribe of gay boys

in heat

All living their childhoods

Again for the first time

Even when they know that the light

around them shifted

To a marred joy,

that must be witnessed,

but not outlived before

Night falls on Renaldo

and gods were

 with Assotto  sainto

 Ascending Renaldo 

Gay warriors



To exorcise

Sexual auteurs

Sainto who prowled

To write

Arenas gives

The perfect moment

luminous negative light

Unearthing scarred ritual

Kneeling with him

in ravaged

Silhouette and gazed


Was with him when

His lover died

When he was dying himself


Haitian Émigrés Yves

Cuban refugee Renaldo



bound to himself

Prisms that no one

else stopped to see

And bled the crusaders

Brutally they he clung to

The red roses and

ran ashore screaming

‘ocean is God

And I am alive

Simply, violently,

You must breathe with me.”

He screamed for his Mother

All sainto

Spiritus Sanctus

Begotten son and

So blessed upon

deposed gay landscape

So craved within

So cast out to sea.