So, so torturous to friends and family over my birthday psychosis.  Too, too tedious.  Hopefully, I can stop being a crashing bore any minute.   Love, this pic from Jan.  So mysterious and lovely.  Little Shop of Horrors eat your heart out.

My bike Greg (5th gen.), the beater I bought from Jeff from CL last year for $75. has been so reliable even though it is too small for me and has been subject to my abuse for the past 14 months.  I’m rough on shoes and vehicles my whole life.  Right before I went to Durham in June I flipped over so hard on Greg that I snapped the break lines, so I’ve been riding on bald tires with no breaks all summer.  fortunately the frame shortness allows me to hop and halt easier.  Anyway, now I can put him in the shop because I acquired a neighbor’s bike, who put it out with a free sign this morning.  oh what luck!

Took a maiden drive with Donald Vining’s ‘A Gay Diary’ in my pocket and read his cruisey entry from Sept. 2, 1949 in Logan’s Circle under a brilliant baby blue skyscape in the shadows of the Catherdral.