Rod Serling would approve

Pig Iron Theatre serves up plenty of sagebrush philosophy at the diner in ‘Welcome to Yuba City’ located somewhere between Roswell and that last chance Texaco in your mind. Yuba’s witty cutaway set by Mimi Lein lets a rusted Ford pickup bust through the diner diorama as desert vistas loom down the road apiece, where the odd alien may be dancing amok.

Those aliens are outshined in strangeness by some of the denizens of the regular lunch crowd though. Them dudes and dudettes tumbling into the diner in skinny jeans and Stetsons for some apple pie or the odd plate of fettuccini Alfredo.

There is madcap, slapstick fun in Yuba and Director Quinn Bauriedel keeps things moving even though some of the comedy skids off course.

But Bauriedel knows how to orchestrate fine ensemble playing and inspired physical comedy, love that forward and reverse slo-mo western mayhem ala The Wild Bunch (credit choreographer Christina Zani), meanwhile the martini and lounge lizard soundtrack is mighty fine in Yuba City.