LOTD the other day had to be Rep. Joe Wilson’s wife asking him ‘Who was the nut who shouted at the president?’ on the phone after his ‘you lie’ staged hissy aimed at disrupting the President’s address to a joint session of congress.

This week Jimmy Carter has stated outright that anti-Obama sentiment is based on race.  Undeniable in cases of those holding signs of Obama as a witch doctor.  He has also been Hitlered and Stalinized on signs.  

The Republican blowback is that those carrying those signs are a mere fringe, that have nothing to do with them. But there is also a blurred line of less overt, but just as venomous  back channel campaign, that stokes this movement.  The one that have Republican leaders decidedly not repudiated.  When asked directly to denounce such hate speech, all one sees is hedging and an immediate change of topic.

They’ve had nothing real to say to put to rest the ‘birthers’ intiatives, they have nothing to say that people bought guns and took their money out of the back because a black man was elected or that a Baptist minister called for his death from the pulpit or that the President is a fascist or a socialist who is trying to indoctrinate innocent white kids in Texas.  

So many lies it makes the head spin.

Carter is talking about degree and tone of the opposition and he knows what he is seeing.   Racism exists and its manifestations are weaved into every corner of our society.   People who hate usually know how to disappear their real motives, evidence and deeds. 

In response to Carter’s remarks, of course Rush Limbaugh was firing grenades saying Obama was playing the race card when nothing could be further from the truth.  Fucking infuriating if it weren’t so ominous.  

McCarthyism has come roaring back more hateful than ever.  We’re pathetic if we don’t stand up to it.