Stymied by an article, I was gay saute’ing with orange/garlic glazed chicken/mushrooms & spinach, eating  on the stoop with my towel still flung over my shoulder.  Cued up  was “Autumn Leaves”  in different versions by Nat Cole, Billie Holiday,  Adderly & Davis, Bill Evans, etc. on YouTube that was floating out my window.   The cold front sliced through Rittenhouse at 5:17 with clouds that looked like they were painted in by Edward Gorey and a man strolling down the street with his hand shoved in his pockets and a soaked cigarette still in his mouth.   Just then Edith Piaf came on with  “Les feiuilles Mortes”

….The sunburned hands I used to hold/ Since you went away The days grow long/

And soon