Of course no stroll on Outfest Sunday is complete without the REPENT America  antigay protesters.   The star of that movement Michael Macarvage, an affable young man who knows his bible and wants to say “homosexuals” has moved on from pure scripture condemnation to include so called ‘exgay’ and ‘reparative’ dogma. 

Michael did a great on the spot interview with me several years ago for Metro and he was will to talk to me again today.  He’s always polite even though he is always wrong. 

I asked him after dealing with gay people as a career for years now has he changed his position at all and he said no.  I asked him why he hates and judges gay people and he said “I don’t hate gay people, I want to show them the way.”  at which point a young gayman and challenged him by saying “if you don’t hate us what is this” pointing to Michael’s in your face “God condemns homosexuals. ”    The young GLBT movement is here and queer and right to the point. Love them.

Meanwhile, a RA knockoff group was down the street with fire and brimstone prophesies about HOMOSEXUALS were being shouted down by a completely annoyed throng of rainbow rebels.  A buff gentleman of a certain age yelled ‘You’re like Nazis protesting at a Chanukah, go the fuck home.’

This bird actually got a crowd laugh when I found myself standing among three woman carrying sodomy signs in Carrie’s mom drag.  I just smiled and said ‘I’d consider therapy if I were you.’  I didn’t even bother with the clothes.  Too easy.