CNN suspended covering the news last thurs. for nonstop coverage of the boy who cried wolf in a drifting weather balloon.   The coverage dominated all of their programming.  They acted like they saved their game face when Woolf Blitzer exposed the story as a hoax when the Heene kid said it was ‘for the show,’ but it doesn’t hide the reality that they are creating news for their own programming.

CNN didn’t hedge their bets even with egg dripping from their face.  By Sunday they were still wall-to-wall with this idiotic story.  Bumping Farid Zakaria’s incisive international political reporting for the breaking news of the news conference of the Colorado sheriff walking through every second of how his department was fooled by balloon boy. 

My question is what the hell was CNN after in the first place other than sensationalizing?   To be the first news organization to see a terrified little boy or a squashed little boy? The bigger story here is that CNN ignored world news to follow Ripley’s believe it or not. 

There are real stories of children in peril any day of the week- dying in poverty, abused by parents, bullied in school, gunned down on city streets, fighting for their lives in hospitals- where is the attention on those?