BODYVOX Water Bodies

BODYVOX Water Bodies

 Theme dance concerts can often result in thematic bloat.  BodyVox have no such worries with their Water Bodies, choreographers Ashley Roland and Jamey Hampton use a universal theme as a springboard rather than artistic overkill. The highlights in Friday night performance-

Esther Williams was not to be ignored and had the troupe in red velvet singlets in interlocking kalidescopes a nod to Busby Berkeley with an overhead (live) track shot for those geometric body blooms, but he would be screaming at some inprecision by the troops.  But BodyVox is going for more than static dance tricks here- namely ideas and personalities.  This group’s joy of movement just radiates off of the them.

Unexpected precision though in ensemble jetes in Serein, choreographed by company dancer Eric Skinner, with music by Bartok. Quickstepping couples in front of screens of rainy streets lead to charmingly light, quixotic duets.   A fine solo by Heather Jackson, who has such lithe clarity in her body articulation. 

  Their Titanic dance drama SOS  a lurching death march turns into a hynotic slo motion elegy and touching relationship tableau set to dreamlike music by Sibelius.

The groovy, loopy beach blanket hulabaloo of the Big Dip with music by Sex Mob has them shaking a real tail feather.   Jamey’s adventures in a bathtub has him acting out his kid in a tub rituals and going down the drain in slo-mo.  

Biking back from the Annenberg on Market St thinking about the Bartok, it started to pour down rain seemingly on cue.