Nasty business that last bit.  I must stick to my Cheney doesn’t exist fantasy.  Easy to forget morally bankrupt crashing bores..

..on a day like today when it finally feels like fall in Philadelphia and trotting through Rittenhouse Square on my way to the Academy for PABallet’s Theme and Variations program with Matt Neenan’s premiere. 

T & V is one of Balanchine’s homage’s to Russian classical, with a 20th century aesthetic.  It highlights exacting geometry and viruosic solos.  It is also packed with technical demands, all while the ensemble has to float on Tchaikovsky’s dramaturg.   It can look brittle if unison work is too static or the romantic subtext ignorned. 

PAB’s corp de ballet, the men and especially the women, danced with clarity and suppleness.

Ran into former dancer Phil Colluci looking great in Boss, he’s an intern at Penn now working specifically on new computer diagnostic tech for muscular-skeletal theraphies.  He brings his special knowledge about extreme motion stress not only as a ballet dancer with killer attack but as a black belt in karate.