AP is reporting that so much stealth outside money was pumped into the repeal gay marriage vote in Maine, that campaign laws may have been violated.

Top ranking Marine commandant James Conway’s new mission is to SNAFU efforts to repeal DADT. He will use the same homopanic stations of the cross aria about timing, showering and unit cohesion. Meanwhile gay soldiers are still being harassed, ostracized and kicked out. 

New Jersey just elected an antigay governor.

Republicans brass-knuckled Dede Scozzafava because she was pro choice and pro gay. The Palin and the Armey are now targeting 12 politically moderate Republicans.

During the hate crimes bill passage, conservatives said the addition of sexual orientation was punishing a ‘thought crime.’

Built into the religious right’s tactics not to give a progressive administration a chance, their antigay agenda is once again driving national politics. Republicans want us on tv as minstrels, they want us in bars thinking we are equal citizens, they want our money delivered by rich gay lapdogs, but mostly, they want the deep traditions of homohate to be preserved.

We must fight on, in our everyday lives and we must stand up where it politically counts. Repeal this baby!