Festativi|Mother of Fire

The blue woman rests
In lotus foredrop
with sand tide
at her back.
She summons the image
of the pink pyramid
momentarily and receives
the portent
She strokes her yellowblue
orangeblood sari until the hues
interlock a mandela.
She raises her hand to touch
the mercury petal of her granite
the eye closes briefly, enflames
red sandbeads adorned
on her breasts
She caresses her womb
At her feet, naked children
present with a cobalt cube
containing a redblack moon within
a sun,
on fire prongs
at the center of
the orb.
She open her eyes and
flows an endless stream of
water fully balanced with
the female principality.

Naaki, Finnish spirit of waters|
Eight of Water

The saffron figure kneels
His head bowed in meditation
His hand reaching
Into the well,
A circle of the triad
Birth life death
nested on the matrix
Of day night love hate
So on to desire and stoicism.
His blank expression
Draws out the crescent shadow
Of the moon
Instructs him to recede
And lights the copper pool
in the rock below.