Under Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic hierarchy is launching a new all out cultural war on gays.  Their edicts in the past few years reasserting that  ‘homosexuality is an intrinsic moral evil’ is now being bolstered by  ‘reparative therapy’ programs.

The current regime is getting into local politics too, threatening to withhold services to the poor in Washington DC if that principality passes legislation that allows same-sex marriage in the district. No mention of the tax exemptions they enjoy at the expense of tax paying homos.

They know how to play hardball.

Just last month the church announced it would accept married Episcopal priests and allow them to serve as Catholic priests as a way for Anglicans to escape their church’s tolerance of GLBT people. 

Other than the fact that the church obviously bends their own rules when it suits them, it is deplorable that they can’t just allow another sect because they desperately need new priests (Draconian methods exacting a price? maybe?) they have to use it as an opportunity to slam gays.  

I, of course have been accused of being anti-Catholic. I’m even sited in a book called ‘The New Anti-Catholic’ over my article ‘Holy Gay Purge’ about how the church visciously equated gay priests with pedophiles.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, I respect all religions even though I belong to none. I just don’t trust religious politics or bankrupt sanctimony as practiced by religious tyrants.  

As my friend and very spiritual ex-Catholic friend John Way said many times before his death at 85 “Never trust a man in a bad dress.”