A year ago CNN peerless political analyst David Gergen was incredulous that the political chatter focused on how much Sarah Palin spent on wardrobe and makeup for her VP run. This week Gergen seemed certain that Palin is not laying the foundation to run for the presidency in 2012, while she is hawking her book Going Rogue everywhere.

Even though I agree that she is probably smarter than she comes off, under no-nonsense questioning by Barbara Walters it is obvious that this politician does not have a grasp on any issue. She lives in a fictional world of her own making funded by Alaskan oil money and the Republican party. This new bestseller author is a stylist, not a journalist. No need for logic, history or even sentence structure.

For Walters, she has studied her keywords certainly, so she wouldn’t be thrown by such brain teasers as what newspapers she read. Her word of the day was “dithering” but the party line phraseology is at odds with her ‘betcha, gee, golly syntax. And her clueless, divisive sentiments expressed in her center ring phrases like ‘real American families’ tell the real Palin story.

I would have liked Barbara to ask why the former journalism student used a ghost writer.  How rogue can someone go when someone else is writing you memoir?

That and why she was part of the rightwing hit team that took out Dede Scozzafava in New York running for a house seat and  for not being a litmus test Republican. Even though Candy Crowley said Palin was ‘plutonium’ outside the party, her star is obviously still firing deadly asteroids.