from my mock heroic tale of the sea~ Glaucus Harbor

(the barnacles)

Me monocle is steamed

my other eye is dead

my nostrils stink to high heaven

There’s evelution in me head

I’ve paid for all my dreams

eaten most down whole

But one got stuck down my throat

a rattletrap

I heard you’ve got a soul

I heard you’ve got a soul, me dear

I’ve ‘eard you have a soul, my luv

I felt you in the morning

I missed you at the toll

I stopped you burning white at night

Deliver me or skoal!

( Lovey’s advice)

Talk about love to any who

will listen

though never with your lover

just remember

when you are undercover

 so  are you a pillow

or are you a cloud

not to espouse

We must always avatars be

vend a lip or open the knee


ascend the stair

come with me

And sit the bore before the kiss

or quit the room and get a dinner

care for what you true believe

believe what you care to be

the lonely sinner.