| spirit card 11 ‘

I am the one who is called justice

and I am gross iniquity

The   goddess Kore

granite soul deity

Balances a sword


13 dismembered eyes

Witness her


You have judged

yourself wrongly

 in a false moment

That will now live.

Erozolie | six of water

The face of the sun

Reflects to the face of

The moon in the

Hidden oasis

Masculine and feminine sound

Waves radiate between

Earth air fire

The spirit abides

To water

Dvlie | spirit card 15

I am the slave of him who prepareth me’

On papyrus Gnostic text

Squat flush dervish is

In a severed firmament

The wings erect

The tongue livid

The penis recoiled

The nipples oozing

It holds two lifeless voodoo dolls

Transformed from wasted

Souls of the doomed

The talisman

Holds mutilated dolls

shadows putrid sepulchers

May or may not return

To life