D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty asked ‘You all ready to sign” and cued the city council members to put their names on the marriage equality bill, making it law, at a ceremony in Washington’s All Souls Church. The  council voted 11-2 this week and the bill now goes to Congress for a 30-day ‘review’. If it is not thwarthed, gay couples can get married early 2010. 

Even with churches (the archdiocese is threatening to halt their charity programs in DC) conservatives and antigay politicos (not to mention those Republicans on the DL). Clearly denying civil-marriage accomodations is a violation of Washington’s anti-discrimination statutes.

All that paperwork aside, it is another civil-rights victory of gay America, who can’t wait for the machinations of federal initiatives and divisive referendums. Antigay politics drives a lot of domestic skullduggery in national politics, but at least in DC, gays can plan a wedding. They can have their wedding cake and smash it in the face of homophobia too!