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12:34am waiting for the Senate vote on the health reform bill and killing time by youtubing celebrity guests from ‘What’s My Line’ which I used to look forward to every week in the 60s, because everybody was from Broadway and film, or so I thought and everyone was dressed in evening wear, bowties and gowns, a world I could only dream of being in.  Of course the subtext of What’s My Line was that it was also a peak into a world that was gay, gay, gay.  So now it just all makes so much sense when I see people like Lauren Bacall, Judy Garland, Sal Mineo, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Tony Perkins, Rock Hudson, Mongomery Clift, Yul Brenner, Ginger Rogers,  Sophia Loren, Gypsy Rose Lee at ease and slinging all that stagedoor banter.  Course, as silly as it was as I watch this assemblage I suddenly wish there were a political ‘What’s My Line’ where the mystery guest had some wit and class, showed respect to the show and was answering honestly even when our blindfolds were still on.