So moved by the people of Haiti, their bravery, strength and humanity as their world is destroyed. Words do fail taking in the images and hearing the grim realities Hatians are facing.

Listening to Fareed Zakaria’s program with the global political discussion of how Haiti was disrespected as the first self-liberated black nation and disrespected by other nations because they were not a nation that was converted by missionaries. A proud people completely victimized by global racism and geo-religious fascism.  

Reading Haitian writer Assotto Saint’s ‘Spells of a Voodoo Doll’ a collection his verse, essays and plays. Even though he left Haiti and became an writer activist in New York, he carried his culture with him.


I remember the beginning
A dream ancient as dawn
A dream of destiny drumming up
The blood
The flesh
The earth
A dream we were once one