A defeat in Massachusetts that couldn’t come at a worse time, but it is not all that stunning. Martha Coakley deserved to loose the way she ran her campaign. She was clearly out of touch with the political pulse of her own state. Scott Brown may have posed near naked for Cosmo, but it was Coakley’s sense of entitlement to Kennedy’s seat made her a pop up book of the Empress’s new clothes. Dems have to deal with the fact that this was a message from the people, if not a blatant voter referendum.

Scott Brown knew how to galvanize and to inspire support and will move to the head of herd of charging elephants. Republicans can lick their chops, but Brown election should not be viewed as a coup de grace for the Democrats.

That Scott’s single vote should derail healthcare legislation is ludicrous. Republican opposition to health care was built on lies, intimidation and backhanded favors. Not because they are worried about real costs for American citizens, but it is in their interest to keep the medical mafias in business. And overall they want to defeat this president, they refuse to fight fair. Their calls for bipartisanship are the height of hypocrisy. They never give, they only bully and take.

Take a lesson Dems from the charged Independents and disaffected liberals in Massacheusetts, the next time Republicans are in power and just shoving their crap through, don’t just let it happen and bemoan their imperialist ways.