In anti-gay agenda news, the military brass wants to spend a year looking in to repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policies. …………………………………………

are they fucking kidding.

Every day DADT is in action is a day of injustice. Bill Clinton’s 1993 ‘compromise’ has been used as a weapon in ways he has stated he never intended. Millions of dollars have been spent to kick out, harrass and ruin soldiers who just wanted to serve their country. And for what? To keep in place morbid, hate-filled attitutes about gay soldiers. 

The President wants it to be a legislative change, but hundreds of soldiers have been kicked out since he has been President and he needs to halt this stop loss immediately. The fact that Army reservist Daniel Choi, who is leading the groundswell for the repeal, who has had two honorable tours in Iraq, is an Arabic linquist and is being discharged is grotesque. An example of what has been happening in recent years. DADT is an apparatus of intimidation and military politics. Meanwhile hundreds of qualified skilled soldiers, many career soldier, have been kicked under the policy have been replaced by ex-cons with low skill sets.

  Tony Perkins of “the Family Research Council” is apparently the voice of opposition from the right who has been dispatched to spew those old chestnuts about unit cohesion, social experimenting and showering together.  His new aria to malign us is claiming that having gays serve openly threatens national security.

Don Lemon on CNN pressed him on the point asking him how gays serving openly would threaten anyone’s safety and he said that most people didn’t know the special circumstances that soldiers had to live under.  I guess the wounded and dead gay soldiers from previous wars didn’t understand those special circumstances he’s talking about.

Anyway Lemon told him that ‘Admiral Mullen is for the repeal ” are you saying he doesn’t know.”   Perfect, but lost on psycho II.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the POPE Benedict didn’t have time to sell one of his bobbles to feed the starving Haiti, but he did have time to officially oppose gay anti-discrimination laws in England. I guess those imbued with the ‘intrinsic evil’ of homosexuality don’t deserve equal opportunity.

Gay protests in England include a film festival of documentaries investigating infamous sexual, psychological and physical abuse perpetrated by Catholic clergy and covered up by the church. Don’t fuck with British queens fellas!

Speaking of Britian, they already allow gays to serve openly, as do most NATO nations, with none of those shower problems. Sorry Tony, you’ll have to rent a Hitchcock flick.