Sarah   drag and small

The reason why the charismatic Sarah will win in politics is because she is a master at playing both ends against the middle. That and the fact that she is expert at character assassination while painting herself as a victim.

Lasted 5 minutes into the Sarah Palin speech to the Tea Party Convention and just wanted to puke. Her crowing about talking to ‘real Americans’ and her warning that left wing liberals are running scared. Let me assure Palin, this left wing gay liberal will never be running away from your divisive rhetoric that is antieveryone who doesn’t look and think they way you do. I’m fed up with your myopic sanctimony. Do you have any ideas past your own ego? Do you know anything about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights? Just because the camera is turned you your…oh never mind.

I did tune in again after watching the sanity of a John Waters movie while Palin was proclaiming that the Tea Party is the future of American politics. After some run on sentences about nukular energy and  ‘the people, the people, the people’ (note to self, watch Sybil for references), she spun into a cyclone of Palinspeak that whipped the crowd into a frenzy calling for her election as President.

That divine intervention is a right- wing incantation that politicans should put forth. And that elitists, her term for anyone who studies or embraces intellectualism, should loose. That  ‘fresh’ people should be leaders of our country. 

So the Palin is for unqualified people to be in charge because they are imbued by God. So it is Spoken, So it shall be.