the blog calendar has all of these blank days. Where have I been. I know I was loitering in the bedroom one of the snow days, but that only accounts for a few hours. And there is nothing to show for my time. Unanswered phone messages, a shameless screener I am. I force my mother to leave messages, something she dislikes. Terrible son, I am. She gets me back by keeping me on the phone, then when I try to get off, she treats me like I’m giving her the bums rush. Hah, gets me everytime.

I have been reading. A very lively history about the history of whether William Shakespeare was actually the author of the greatest canon of plays in the English language. The controversaries about his authorship started just a few decades after his death. James Shapiro, Elizabethan scholar, dissects all of the personages who would be Will. Fascinating.

Course there has been a lot of articles because of the swirl of performing arts. I iron a lot. and of course, cooking, something I do every day in Jack’s honor. We alway did and I always will.

 Haven’t really been checking the news online and only checking the skating at the Olympics (more later).  It all points to more slacking. well more coco, snow, Garbo and a mushy mind. Back to work. well,  we’ll see.