Re: the bawdiness of the recent poem Fausto and actually the section here is tame compared the rest of it. It is in direct response to a poem I read recently called Homosexuality which just was so clammy & morbid in tone, I wanted to celebrate the honesty of those gay men who refuse to be tortured by made up mores and pursue sex on its own honest terms.

The second reason Fausto is so sexual active is a response to yet another Republican hypocrite who is married with children, fighting against gay rights- that’s one slimy political beard – and was nabbed on a DUI with another man in the car coming from a gay bar. There have been no denials just “I’m sorry for my poor judgment.” He’s in for some grief and he would deserve it too.

And this on the heals of a Vatican scandal involving an intimate of the Pope procuring, exploiting and otherwise using his power to traffic for male sex slaves. Aside from the hypocrisy all of these scandals in the straight world involving self-loathing gays who act out inappropriately because they can’t live honest lives. Such stories rob reporting of the millions of functioning gay men and women who have positive relationships and are fighting in their daily lives for equality in jobs, housing, health-care and spousal recognition, standing up against homophobia and hate.

The straight world loves the lurid details of these scandals but they don’t want to hear about the real gay America. So….so there.