I don’t have it anymore. Have to admit the Oscars are no fun without Jack. We used to be say the funniest things about the stars outfits. We would just marvel that people were dressing evening wear and being filmed in full sunlight.  

Our second misdemeanor are for those who don’t know that when you are young you don’t wear clothes, clothes wear you. After a certain age what is in your eye and how you actually look are often two different things. 

Anyway I don‘t have tv, so I’m just checking in on the high & lo lights today. sculpted gowns are back but you have to watch that if you are in motion, lest you look like a moving vase or abstract.   And ladies, the illusion of a waist is just that.  

Last night I just looked up favorite moments of glamour and funny moments from previous Oscars on YouTube and followed the NYTs Oscar blog with an inset. Remarkable, doves, what is available and the sentimental reminders of favorites.  

The top for me is Charlie Chaplin receiving the Irving Thalberg Award and his reaction to the extended ovation that just kept coming.  

Another favorite is the moment when Bette Davis was cut off while she was pontificating on William Wyler… And who could forget Elizabeth Taylor seething over the fact that Richard Burton didn’t win for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Of course, all gay men of a certain age remember when Barbara Streisand won for Funny Girl in a tie with Katharine Hepburn for A Lion in Winter.  Streisand wore a hideous peekaboo chantile bell-bottom pants suit with a big white bow in the front.

Course Hepburn never appeared at the Oscars even after a record number of nominations and wins. She would always claim she had nothing to wear (no fool Kate).   

She did appear one year to present the Thalberg Award, because the recipient, who had been helpful to her when she was starting out, was ill. She wore her Guess Who’s Coming to the Oscars ensem- understated black high collar Samari wrap over luncheon slacks.