I’ve noticed that there have been only a few things starting to bud. No false spring starts so far. Only this week did I notice a few green wisps, almost looking painted in, on the branches facing south with the longest exposure- a red blooming something, that has just advanced over the last 24 hours. Winter exits. Shy flora & fauna or not, spring was everywhere today with the city just alive with activity all of the restaurant were packed, in fact, it looked like cafe society on the sidewalks. Biking past Rittenhouse, I was next to a suddenly next to a teal vintage 67 Mustang convertable and at that moment a woman with Julie Christie mod hair and an blue crepe go-go dress was crossing the street to go to Parc, the French bistro.  The Windmills of My Mind was swilling like a breeze in my minds ear. Last night at L2, Mary Ellen Desmond sang the most bittersweet lush line of ‘It might as well be spring’ to gorgeous accomaniment with one of the best pianists in Philly, Tom Lawton