Floating home tonight stargazing and seeing the little slip of the new moon hanging low behind some clouds but casting a white hazy glow. Just dreamy for the first day of spring, the Vernal equinox and axis bold as love.

Love onstage and in the aisles at the Forrest Theater as the dancers of the PABallet performed their annual Shut Up & Dance concert benefit for MANNA. Aside for the great work that both organizations do to put together this fundraiser, this performance was full of highlights, starting with Meredith Rainey’s spellbinding choreography for his piece Before the After, scored to Opening Frame, very Berliner soundscape.

Martha Chamberlain and Johnathan Stiles are the couple who start out in underwear and get dressed, moving around the stage and turning on bare bulbs, as their relationship plays out in fragments of dance that is a scenario lush and jagged, stoic and romantic, with visual mystery that grabs you by the throat.

Other highlights included Sarah Hay’s In the wake Of, set to mid-tempo music by Philip Glass, that show distinctive flowing ensemble lines that still let the dancers be individuals. Hay inventive and crisp phrasing builds beautifully.

Francis Veyette lets the classicism of Vivaldi turn his dance PAX into a breathless trio for Lauren Fadeley, Ian Hussey and Jermel Johnson. Diamond hard technique+balletic heart=classic baroque.

Hussey meanwhile mixes his beads for his rowdy Mardi Gras Rumpshaker to Radiohead with Edward Barnes, Rachel Maher, Brooke Moore and Amir Yogev tossing em back and tossin each other in flapper drag, jazz noir style.

Everybody headed over to Voyeur nightclub to congratulate the dancers and some were even bopping to disco hits from the night disco died. Without booze, those songs, doves, sent me floating home to….

Garbo saying to Roman Novarro in Mata Hari

‘ By next spring I shall probably be quite alone.’