Hard not to think of the current poisonous politics as I heard the opening of Macbeth at Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater. “Fair is foul and foul is fair’ the witch kept repeating.

Shame that witch wasn’t on hand on hand for the Tea Party production of McCain yesterday starring that new maverick, that intellectual giant and all around hatchet woman Sarah, slash and gore.

Her new credo is ‘Take our country back’ is just another in her relentless crusade of divisive politics. A new low of course is her use of a graphic with a gun sight cross over the locations of democrats who voted for the health care bill.

McCain, in defending her on the news shows, said that it was just part of the usual rhetoric. Excuse me, but in a week of health care opponents throwing bricks, cutting gas line, mob mentality, it is sir, not the usual rhetoric and it is completely disingenuous for you to suggest it is.

While the Palin, who doesn’t even have a rudimentary knowledge of our system of government or history continues to criticize the president he has been busy himself- on nuclear arms control, education, health care, visiting the troops in Afghanistan…oh never mind- but then again he‘s just an elitist thinking about

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day…

But I guess Sarah is too busy reading all her press to think about Shakespeare. Oh yeah what was that passage from Lady Macbeth about washing her hands?