in Turin Cathedral
The Shroud of Turin
Has been digitally
Enhanced to show
its authenticity as
Jesus’ burial cloth.
The shroud had been
lovingly repaired
by nuns with
the tiniest hands and
no where to sit after
fire damage 16th century, so
they had to walk and sew
during vespers.
Their good work
held for all of these
Of course none of the
stigmata stains have been tampered
even though Vatican official
Statement is that the
Shroud’s had previously
been exposed as a forgery
by a 13th century pope,
a whether it is the
genuine article
 should be taken
With a pillar of salt-
Correction- a grain of salt
Salt is also good
For removing blood stains
And thrown over the shoulder
It can also temporarily blind someone who
sneaking up on you 
as you flee persecution