BDer hasn’t drilled into the environmental catastrophe engineered by the greedy assholes at BP, because the consequences of their actions is so fucking depressing. It is now the largest oil leak ever, which BP was trying to cover up. Who knows the longterm problems this gusher is creating. Wildlife, plant and sea life has already been dramatically affected.

As we wait for the next desperate attempt to contain this thing doesn’t inspire much confidence, the blame game is in full political gear. The right of course wants government to do more, that would be the same people who want government out of the business of business as usual. the hypocrisy, like the polluters, reek.

Meanwhile, this wasn’t President Obama’s Katrina in the initial days of the response, it is now. He did put the weight of his agencies in play but they obviously didn’t have contingencies plans, he has kept pressure on BP, but that obviously has not been enough. This mess points up the ongoing deficiencies to protect Louisiana coastline, that were supposed to be addressed post Katrina. Why aren’t weren’t the barriers built up?

President Obama is caught in the middle, because if he steps in then it exonerates BP from complete responsibility. But this seems to be the only choice as they just seem to be guessing at what to do next. The President needs to do whatever is necessary.

One way would be to mobilize environmental scientists and engineers to brainstorm a short and long-term solution. He should be using the full weight of the government involving the Coast Guard, Gulf industry workers and federal and local officials to coordinate an ongoing cleanup and coastal protection plans.

Maureen Dowd in her column in yesterday’s NYTs, lays out the sedition of BP executives and the US government who deregulated failsafe measures and allowed risky unprecedented engineering of the oil rig operating at that depth. Most damning are reports that they ignored and it seems covered up warnings that mechanisms on the rig weren’t failsafe enough.

Maybe the only silver lining in this is that Obama has set in motion measures to prevent another ecological disaster like this.